HSM file recall fails with ANS4007E error

Technote (troubleshooting)


A file is migrated with the Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) client. When the file is recalled, the following error is received :
ANS4007E Error processing '/hsm/file1': access to the object is denied


Incorrect defaultserver and migrateserver setting


Tivoli Storage Manager for space management

Diagnosing the problem

The dsm.sys file shows the following options are used :

DEFAULTServer tsm1
migrateserver tsm1

SErvername tsm1
nodename gpfs1
SErvername gpfs
nodename gpfs2

The dsm.opt file shows the following option is used :

SErvername gpfs

With the above configuration, the backups and recalls will happen under nodename "gpfs2" because of the "SErvername gpfs" option. However, the migration will happen under nodename gpfs1 because of the migrateserverser value which uses the "SErvername tsm1" stanza . As a result, the recall from node gpfs2 does not have permission to access data migrated via node gpfs1.

Resolving the problem

Modify the dsm.sys file to use:

DEFAULTServer gpfs
MIGRATEServer gpfs

Note that for the GPFS HSM client, this need to be changed on all nodes having the HSM client installed.

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