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Rational Adapter for Git installation message CRJAZ9009W - The system architecture is not supported contains a more information link that opens an incorrect page

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When installing IBM Rational Adapter for Git, you might see a warning message indicating that the architecture of the system was detected as 32-bit and in the message text there is a link to more information; however, the link is incorrect.


During the installation of Rational Adapter for Git the following message will display if you try to install the Rational Adapter for Git on a 32-bit platform and operating system.

CRJAZ9009W - The system architecture is not supported.

The architecture of this system was detected as 32-bit, which is not supported.

Install the application on a 64-bit platform and operating system. For more information, see the list of  supported server operating systems.

The underlined text in the above message includes a link, which opens an incorrect page.


This issue has been identified as a product defect.

Resolving the problem

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Rational Adapter for Git

Software version: 1.0

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Software edition: Standard

Reference #: 1615998

Modified date: 23 September 2013

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