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Importing files into the IBM Rational System Architect root workspace

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How can I import files into the root workspace in IBM Rational System Architect?


Sometimes you may use an include clause in the USRPROPS.txt file that includes other metamodel customizations. If the encyclopedia is workspace enabled, these files need to be in the Root workspace that is Read Only for these types of files. Read below to resolve this situation.


You have three options as noted to import into the root workspace:

  • There exists an exclusion for property set files, so you can upload the files (using 'Import File As...') to the encyclopedia as:
    "Property Set\filename" without the quotes.
    They will then be stored against the root workspace.
  • You can create a ReservedFiles.cfg file in your System Architect directory and store the following:
        <ReservedFile Name="filename" />

    Subsequently, after restarting System Architect, uploading the file will store it against the root workspace
  • Upload the files (using 'Import File As...') as: Root\filename

If you use either the first or third options, the reference in the usrprops.txt must use #include "Property Set\..." or "Root\..."

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