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New web based system for ISPF customer requirements replaces FITS



IBM is now using a more open and transparent requirements system for ISPF. Everybody can now submit and track ISPF enhancement requests directly thorough a new web-based system called the “Request for Enhancement” system, or RFE.


RFE has capabilities that should benefit everybody working with ISPF. Customers can now directly create new requirements, and view, comment and vote on other requirements. That information comes directly to the ISPF product and development team, where it can respond back with comments and questions about those requirements.

RFE can be found on the developerWorks RFE site, at

We can’t promise to deliver everything you ask for, but we can assure you that we will respond in a timely manner, and that you will be able to interact with us and track the progress of your requirements though this new tool.

When submitting RFE requests for ISPF, the Brand/Product Family/Product pull down entries are: WebSphere/Enterprise Tooling/ISPF.

There are some short videos available on the web:
Go to and search on 'IBM RFE' and you should find the following developerWorks articles:

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