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Display conflict and relaxation information for infeasible models using OPL script

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How do I print (and iterate over) the conflicts in and relaxations for my infeasible model using OPL script.


The following sample shows one such approach for a simple model:

dvar int x1 in 0..40;
dvar int+ x2;
dvar int+ x3;
maximize x1 + 2*x2 - 3*x3;
subject to{
  c1:  x2 + x3 <= 20;
  c2: x1 - 3*x2 + x3 <= 30;
  c3: x1 <= 20;
  c4: x1 >= 40;
  writeln("Solve successful; solve status="+cplex.getCplexStatus());
  writeln("Objective value="+cplex.getObjValue());
  writeln("Solve failed; CPLEX status="+cplex.getCplexStatus());
  writeln("Calling printConflict (CONFLICT REFINER)");
  writeln("Printing conflicts using conflictIterator");
  var confIter = thisOplModel.conflictIterator;
  for(var x in confIter){
   writeln("Member name:";
   writeln("Conflict type:";
  writeln("Calling printRelaxation (FEASOPT)");
  writeln("Printing relaxations using relaxationIterator");
  var relaxIter = thisOplModel.relaxationIterator;
  for(x in relaxIter){
   writeln("Member name:";
   writeln("Old bound:";
   writeln("New bound:"+x.info2);
   writeln("Bound changed to:"+x.info3);

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