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Running topology builder agents manually after 7.2.1 fix pack 3

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How do I run Topology Builder agents manually after installing TADDM 7.2.1 fix pack 3?


TADDM provides a new script to manually run topology builder agents. It is located in dist/support/bin;
runtopobuild.bat - for Windows based TADDM - for UNIX based TADDM


  • -a,--agent
Agent name to be run - the agent name list is available in the TADDM.log in dist/log on the Primary Storage Server. The full name is required. For example;

Only run agents available for the TADDM release being run. Refer to the TADDM.log on the Primary Storage server for the full list of agents that have been run.

  • -b,--build Full topology build
Run all the agents.

  • -g,--group Group to be run
Run a set of agents, by group name;

The above are the default times (by hour) for each group. We do not recommend customizing the times, but if this has been done, the numbers in the names above may change. It can be found in DEBUG messages in the TopologyBuilder logs if needed, for example;

DEBUG engine.TopologyBuilderEngine - Starting new topobuild, group=Dependency@0.5, runId=0

  • -h,--help Help
  • -w,--wait Wait for completion before exiting


Run all the cleanup agents manually;

./ -g Cleanup@4.0

Run just the ObjectsWithoutAliasesCleanupAgent and wait for it to be complete;

./ -a -w


Only one agent will run at a time, if you run agents manually and agents are currently running, topology builder will wait for the current group to complete. You may see messages like this in the TopologyBuilder.log when this occurs;

DEBUG engine.TopologyBuilderEngine - Started thread Thread[TopologyBuilderEngineThread$OnDemand$,5,RMI Runtime] to run group OnDemand$

DEBUG engine.TopologyBuilderEngine - Build in progress, current group/runId=Cleanup@4.0/0 ...waiting for it to end

if this occurs, and you used the -w wait option, your command will wait until the agent is able to run.

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