Disable PNODE=SNODE processing in C:D PLEX

Technote (troubleshooting)


In a stand-alone C:D, when PNODE=SNODE processing is disabled, attempts to do so result in message SPQG010I "PNODE=SNODE Processing disabled. Process not submitted.", thus the process is not placed into the TCQ.

When attempting to disable PNODE=SNODE processing in a C:D PLEX the process is queued to the TCQ but never

executes. This clutters up our TCQ with processes that will never execute and must be manually purged.

Is there a way to make a C:D PLEX reject the PNODE=SNODE processes and *not* queue them on the TCQ?


Processes with stats of HO WC fill the TCQ.


This has been identified as a product defect under APAR PM72240

Resolving the problem

Apply fix T050048.

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