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AOFRACON does not assign autotask to each MCS console as expected.

Technote (troubleshooting)


The AOFRACON command is intended to assign autotasks to each MCS console not already served by NetView operator as long as no autotask is assigned to console *ANY*. AOFRACON issued but no autotask were assigned.


AOFRACON is issued, however no NetView autotasks are assigned to MCS consoles as expected, no NetView operator was assigned to *ANY*.


AOFRACON issues the following command - "MVS D C,SYS="||cursys()" and expects message CNZ4100I to be returned. If CNZ4100I is suppressed by an entry in the MPFLIST (ex: SUP(ALL)) or Message Revision Table (MRT), AOFRACON will not receive the CNZ4100I message, and no autotasks will be assigned.

Diagnosing the problem

After issuing AOFRACON use DISCONID to determine if autotasks with names in the format of AUTCONxx were assigned MCS consoles. If not check setting in MPFLIST and MRT for CNZ4100I.

Resolving the problem

Ensure that message CNZ4100I is not suppressed by MPFLIST or MRT.

Document information

More support for: Tivoli System Automation for z/OS

Software version: 3.4, 3.5

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1615679

Modified date: 08 October 2014

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