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Server rename is not supported

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Server rename cannot be performed on a Jazz Team Server (JTS) on which IBM® Rational® Engineering Lifecycle Manager 4.0.3 or earlier, (or SPARQL Gateway or earlier), is registered. These applications do not support server rename.


If server rename is attempted on a Jazz Team Server, and a registered application does not implement a server rename status service, then the server will stay in a polling loop after mappings are imported and the server is restarted. The only option is to restore the complete Jazz Team Server from a backup (for more information, see this recovery page).

Resolving the problem

This issue is resolved in Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 4.0.4. Install it to get the fix.

For instructions on performing a server rename, see the Information Center topic which discusses it.

For Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 4.0.3 or earlier (or other applications which do not support server rename), one way to avoid this issue is to ensure that Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 4.0.3 or earlier is not registered to a Jazz Team Server that will undergo server rename. If an application that does not support server rename is registered to the server, then server rename cannot be run on that Jazz Team Server. Alternatives to server rename include using DNS to route the host name to a different machine or using a reverse proxy or virtual hosts (see the link below).

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