Tape Manager for z/VM sample configuration files for a shared tape catalog

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When configuring Tape Manager for z/VM for a shared catalog environment, which configuration options should I choose on the catalog node versus the request node?


Attached are sample configuration files for a catalog node and a request node when you want to share the tape catalog across multiple z/VM systems. To view these files on your workstation, use a text editor like WordPad. Transfer the files to z/VM as ASCII files.


Both files need to be renamed to SYS CONFIG and placed on the TMTMM 198 disk (or associated SFS directory) on their respective z/VM systems. Refer to Chapter 3 of the Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3 Installation and Administration Guide for more details.

In addition, if you are using Tape Manager in a shared catalog environment, the following TMTMM minidisks are not required on any request node. They are only required on the catalog node. The directory entries for TMTMM should be updated on your request nodes to remove these minidisks:

  • 200
  • 210
  • 1200
  • 1210

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