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IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version 6 Service Refresh 12



IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version 6 Service Refresh 12 general availability.


Service refresh 12 is now available on developerWorks and contains a number of enhancements to the version 6 code base:

  • The THREADS section of the Java dump file now contains thread ID and daemon status information, provided by the Thread.getId() and isDaemon() methods. You can use the thread ID information to match threads from the Java dump file to threads in your application. The daemon status can help you diagnose why an application ended unexpectedly. For more information, see Understanding Java and native thread details.
  • The IBMJCEFIPS security provider has been FIPS certified. If you use IBMJSSE2, this security provider can now be run in FIPS mode. For more information, see Running IBMJSSE2 in FIPS mode.
  • IKeyman is a GUI application that provides key, certification request and self-signed certification generation operations. The ikeycmd command is enhanced to show all certificates in the certificate chain. For more information, see iKeyman.

For any security fixes provided in this service refresh, see the list of Security alerts.
For a list of the IBM fixes included, see IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version 6 fixes.

For any late breaking news or supplementary information that is not included in the Information Center, see IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version 6: Current news.

Visit developerWorks: IBM developer kits to download the service refresh for your platform.

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