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Incremental snapshot sequence after a BMR recovery

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How do I avoid a new chain on a volume restored with BMR? After the restore I want the backups to continue the incremental sequence, how do I accomplish this?


When recovering a volume with BMR, the next backup after the recovery will be a full backup.

FastBack recognizes the protected disks and volumes by a unique signature that is calculated from parameters on the disk and from the actual client machine.

When restoring the data to new hardware, the volumes are recognized with new signatures. During the next backup after the restore FastBack will recognize the restored volumes as having new signatures due to the new hardware. This means the backup will need to start a new chain for this client and the next snapshot will be a full backup.
When there is limited repository space, it is often desired to avoid the extra full backup, and continue with the next backup as an incremental of the previous chain.


The BMR tool will allow you to manipulate the disk signature. You can keep the original signature, use the existing signature or even give it a new signature.

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