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By default for the Atlas eDiscovery Process Management application the logo image is a hyperlink that takes a user to the My Atlas screen. For users viewing the application in a language other than English, the hyperlink goes to a screen that is displayed in English and not the native language. Currently there is no function to customize the hyperlink behavior. This TechNote describes the work around to disable the logo hyperlink.


Clicking the application logo hyperlink redirects to a page displayed in English when the user's settings should have the application display text in the native language


Logo hyperlink redirects to page which is English by default


IBM Atlas Suite on all Operating Systems

Diagnosing the problem

Verify if the user sees a page in English by clicking the application logo hyperlink versus the other screens in the application which are displayed in the user's native language,

Resolving the problem

Locate the PolicyAtlas.ear file deployed for the environment. Use a tool like Winzip to view and edit files in the archive. Within the web.war embedded in the PolicyAtlas.ear there is a file called mainTabBar.jspf located in the following directory:


Within the mainTabBar.jspf file locate the following section of HTML code:

<div id="header">
<div id="headerend">
<a class="logo" href="/PolicyAtlas">
<h:outputText value="#{pc_MainTabBar.logoImage}" escape="false" />
<h:outputText value="#{pc_MainTabBar.menuHtml}" escape="false" rendered="#{pc_MainTabBar.showTopMenu}"/>

Modify the "href" parameter value for the anchor tag. For example if you want to disable the link use the "#" as the value.

<a class="logo" href="#">

Save the changes to the mainTabBar.jspf file. After modifying the contents of the PolicyAtlas.ear you will need to undeploy the current version from the application server and deploy this updated version of the PolicyAtlas.ear. You can refer to the Deployment Guide for details on deploying the PolicyAtlas.ear.

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