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Additional product information for IBM eDiscovery Manager Version 2.2.1



This technote contains information about IBM eDiscovery Manager Version 2.2.1 that was not available when the help system was incorporated into the product and when the product information was published in the IBM Archive and eDiscovery Solution Information Center on


These release notes include additional and updated information about:

  • Deprecated features
  • Installation failure due to WebSphere Application Server Windows service start and stop error
  • Exporting in PST format
  • Changes to the email converter API
  • Documentation update

Deprecated features overview

The following features are being deprecated as of this release and might be removed from future releases without further notice. Contact your account team if you have any feedback regarding these plans.
  • Support for 32-bit operating systems
  • Ability to create new search collections in IBM eDiscovery Manager for IBM FileNet eMail Manager content
  • Ability to declare documents as records from within IBM eDiscovery Manager
  • Behavior of IBM eDiscovery Manager search relative to FileNet P8 object stores, where a search of a parent class also searches sub-classes of that parent. The new default behavior is to search the parent class only, providing finer control of search intent. If you are upgrading, you can retain the former behavior and migrate to the new behavior at a future time when adjustments can be made to search templates. For more information, see Before upgrading eDiscovery Manager.

Installation failure due to WebSphere Application Server Windows service start and stop error

For eDiscovery Manager installations with WebSphere Application Server running as a Windows service only:

An eDiscovery Manager installation failure might be due to WebSphere Application Server Windows service start and stop errors. The following error is recorded in the user.home \eDMInstallDebug00.log file:
    ADMU7705E: Failed while trying to stop the Windows Service associated with server: server1;
    probable error executing WASService.exe:
    Service failed to stop. stopServer return code -1
To resolve this issue:
  1. Disable the WebSphere Application Server Windows service.
  2. Stop WebSphere Application Server from the command line.
  3. Re-install eDiscovery Manager.

Related documentation:

Exporting email to PST format

eDiscovery Manager supports exporting content to PST format for the Native export format operating on Microsoft Exchange emails. Exporting SMTP emails and emails in other formats to PST format is not currently supported.

Changes to the email converter API

The class in the email converter API was updated. The following methods in this class now declare exceptions that are no longer handled internally by the methods themselves:

public Vector<NoteItemEntry> getAllNoteItems() throws IOException
public byte[] getAttData(int iIndex) throws IOException
public String getAttName(int iIndex) throws IOException
public int getAttNumber() throws IOException
public long getAttSize(int iIndex) throws IOException
public String getAttTempFileName(int iIndex) throws IOException
public Date getDateTimeItemValue(String itemName) throws IOException
public EmailBody getEmailBody(boolean onlyText) throws IOException, MessagingException
public String getItemValue(String itemName) throws IOException, MessagingException
public String getNoteItemData(NoteItemEntry item) throws IOException, MessagingException
public Double getNumberItemValue(String itemName) throws IOException
public String getUniversalNoteId() throws IOException
public MIMEPart processMIMEPart(byte[] src) throws IOException, MessagingException
public String processRFC822ItemDesc(byte[] src) throws IOException
public String processText(byte[] src) throws IOException
public String processTextList(byte[] src) throws IOException
public Vector<CSNFileEntry> readNoteItems() throws IOException
public boolean readItems() throws IOException

The javax.mail.MessagingException exception is defined in the JavaMail API mailapi.jar file and also in the IBM WebSphere Application Server j2ee.jar file.

Users of these CSNReader methods must handle these checked exceptions if thrown. Users of the EmailConverterService class are unaffected by this change.

Documentation update

Removing eDiscovery Manager with the intent to reinstall this version (FileNet P8)

In step 2, the -Dno_create_dm=TRUE flag should be -Dno_cfg_update=TRUE. The table and text should be as follows:

Operating System Command
AIX® eDM.bin -Dno_cfg_update=TRUE
Windows eDM.exe -Dno_cfg_update=TRUE

The -Dno_cfg_update flag directs the eDiscovery Manager installation program not to re-create the eDiscovery Manager objects in the object store.

Document information

More support for: eDiscovery Manager

Software version: 2.2.1

Operating system(s): AIX, Windows

Reference #: 1615559

Modified date: 19 December 2012

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