When running q2cda getting error in out3: no space for tstat letters for col...

Technote (troubleshooting)


Running a study with a large # of banner points with tstats with many possible combinations.

This error is causing qout to run extremely slow.

It still appears to transfer to csv correctly.
Is there any way to suppress this warning or speed things up?

Resolving the problem

Error is coming up when there are large number of banner points and tstat combinations. It "appears" you can ignore the message since the tstats appear to wrap around and print for all the banners. However it is better for speed of processing to try and avoid that error from coming up in the out3. Suggestions for eliminating this error:

If you do not need to have both frequencies and percents on the tables, sometimes only running op=1 or op=2 will eliminate the error.

You can try increasing pagwidth on the acard or putting addtional space(s) between the banner points. (usually does not help), but worth trying.

The bottom line is you would need to cut down the number of banner points and/or tstat combinations.

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