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estimate_compression message in online.log

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Why do we see estimate compression message in the online.log as shown below, when we did run any compression command?

Snippet from the online.log:
14:50:28 SCHAPI Estimate Compression for txc07_4q:"ssadmin".ubevent started
14:50:30 admin_fragment_command('fragment estimate_compression ','69206165') succeeded
14:50:30 SCHAPI Estimate Compression for txc07_4q:"ssadmin".ubflag started
14:50:31 admin_fragment_command('fragment estimate_compression ','69206167') succeeded
14:50:31 SCHAPI Estimate Compression for txc07_4q:"ssadmin".ubkeys started
14:50:35 admin_fragment_command('fragment estimate_compression ','69206168') succeeded


When you connect to the database via OAT and while browsing through the menu in OAT, you click on "Storage" under "Space Administration" section, it will deploy a task called "mon_compression_estimates" in the scheduler. Whenever the task executes, it generates the message, SCHAPI Estimate Compression, in the online.log.

You can run the following SQL statement to stop the task from being executed, hence stop the message from being displayed in the online.log.

UPDATE sysadmin:ph_task
SET tk_enable = "F"
WHERE tk_name = "mon_compression_estimates";

You will still need to bounce the informix instance after the update.

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