Image Services: DOC_tool - New option added to create file lists for the sds_imprt command and Centera devices.

Technote (troubleshooting)


A new option has been added to the DOC_tool command which allows a document id list consisting of document ids and Centera Clip IDs to be used with the sds_import utility to import documents into the Image Services databases.

The patch is available in IS 4.1.2 FP16 (or higher) and IS 4.2.0 FP6 (or higher).

The new option "clip_ids" is available in DOC_tool with the allowupdates command.

Resolving the problem

An example of running DOC_tool using the new clip_ids option is shown below:

    <DOC_tool:lib a> allowupdates

    Enter the allowupdates password

    <DOC_tool:lib a> sds
    Summary info, Detailed, Worker info, All info, Find object, List, DELETE, SPACE, CLIP_IDS?
    ('s', 'd', 'w', 'a', 'f', 'l', 'DELETE', 'space', 'clip_ids') : clip_ids
    SDS ID (2-255) : 2
    First Doc ID [100000]: <carriage return>
    Last Doc ID [3999999999]: <carriage return>
    Max number documents in output file [20000000]: <carriage return>
    Output file: /fnsw/clip_ids

Key points to review before running DOC_tool
  • The number of document ids and clip ids is limited to 20 million entries.
      The size of a file containing 20 million rows is 1.4 GB.
      Larger files can be more difficult to manage when using sds_import.
  • A message is written to the Image Services error log when DOC_tool starts and ends the
    new clip_ids option.
      2012/10/01 09:04:18.857 238,0,1 <fnsw> DOC_tool (884982.1.172 0xd80f6.1) ... [INFO]
      Initiated doc_id & clip_ids listing
      sds_id=2 first_doc=100000 last_doc=3999999999 max_number_docs=20000000
      output file: /fnsw/clip_ids
      Completed doc_id & clip_ids output 881538 entries
      Init parameters: sds_id=2 first_doc=100000 last_doc=3999999999 max_number_docs=20000000
      Actual values: first_doc_id=141144 last_doc_id=1126580 elapse time=77 seconds
      output file: /fnsw/clip_ids
  • An error message is logged when the file system where the output file is written runs out of
      2012/10/02 10:23:58.824 202,100,18 <fnsw> DOC_tool (1237036.1.173 0x12e02c.1) ... [INFO]
      Terminated because not enough space. Partial doc_id & clip_ids output file 18778 entries
      Init parameters: sds_id=3 first_doc=100000 last_doc=3999999999 max_number_docs=20000000
      Actual values: first_doc_id=141145 last_doc_id=604740 elapse time=30 seconds
      output file: /home/fnsw/clip_ids2

Document information

More support for:

FileNet Image Services

Software version:

4.1.2, 4.2

Operating system(s):

AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows

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All Editions

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