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List of APARs migrated to CICS Transaction Server 5.1

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List of Authorized Program Analysis Reports (APARs) that have been migrated to CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) V5.1 and CICS TS Value Unit Edition (VUE) V5.1 from CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V4.2.


This is a complete list of APARs that were merged into CICS TS V5.1 and CICS TS VUE V5.1 at general availability (GA) time only (14 December 2012). **This list does not usually get updated with new APARs.

You might also want to refer to the list of APARs migrated to CICS TS V4.2 from CICS TS V4.1.

APARs migrated from CICS Transaction Server V4.2

PM33722 PM40297 PM40389 PM40520 PM41316 PM41580 PM42114 PM42455 PM42471 PM43547 PM44184 PM45132 PM45176 PM45361 PM45699 PM45797 PM46181 PM46506 PM46591 PM47007 PM47098 PM47251 PM47398 PM47538 PM47682 PM48004 PM48753 PM49126 PM49269 PM49521 PM49904 PM50125 PM50266 PM50520 PM50541 PM50778 PM50923 PM52065 PM52349 PM52596 PM52847 PM54820 PM55159 PM55314 PM55384 PM55557 PM56051 PM56303 PM56443 PM57226 PM59442 PM61669 PM62831 PM62845 PM64316 PM64588 PM64589 PM67374 PM70149 PM72711 PM41377 PM42693 PM42766 PM42781 PM42786 PM42787 PM42789 PM42977 PM43120 PM43238 PM43239 PM43240 PM43241 PM43503 PM43520 PM43521 PM43603 PM43821 PM43841 PM43847 PM43848 PM43851 PM43860 PM43861 PM43867 PM43868 PM43869 PM43870 PM43871 PM43873 PM43874 PM43875 PM43876 PM43877 PM43878 PM44342 PM44883 PM44917 PM44962 PM44983 PM45743 PM46013 PM46065 PM46402 PM46903 PM46909 PM46911 PM46914 PM46919 PM46923 PM46929 PM46931 PM46932 PM46934 PM47375 PM47550 PM48242 PM49371 PM49723 PM50029 PM50511 PM50688 PM51199 PM51350 PM52570 PM53575 PM55512 PM55578 PM56028 PM57134 PM58159 PM58270 PM58649 PM58921 PM59329 PM59871 PM60163 PM60165 PM60213 PM60837 PM60993 PM61178 PM61466 PM61794 PM61852 PM62458 PM62608 PM62692 PM63023 PM63025 PM63359 PM63414 PM63592 PM63595 PM63621 PM63904 PM64053 PM64458 PM64582 PM64642 PM64915 PM65437 PM65514 PM65565 PM65659 PM65749 PM66021 PM66034 PM66044 PM66116 PM66121 PM66272 PM66431 PM66454 PM66484 PM66791 PM66902 PM66914 PM67019 PM67033 PM67169 PM67248 PM67569 PM67638 PM67741 PM67879 PM67929 PM67975 PM68857 PM69044 PM69051 PM69764 PM69833 PM70165 PM70379 PM70446 PM70568 PM70677 PM70767 PM71129 PM71370 PM71405 PM71407 PM72031 PM72121 PM72139 PM72263 PM72443 PM72587 PM72938 PM73037 PM73331 PM73511 PM74148 PM74366 PM74450 PM74922 PM75181 PM76102 PM76754

APARs migrated from CICSPlex SM for CICS TS V4.2

PM42117 PM42456 PM43500 PM43872 PM46915 PM46945 PM48756 PM50348 PM51685 PM52321 PM52374 PM53521 PM53735 PM53925 PM54860 PM56144 PM56404 PM56438 PM57525 PM58502 PM58886 PM59545 PM59794 PM60036 PM61065 PM62717 PM65085 PM65178 PM66180 PM66690 PM69436 PM69612 PM69655 PM70038 PM70364 PM71302 PM72235 PM72900 PM72900 PM73373 PM74239 PM74430 PM74471 PM77168

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More support for: CICS Transaction Server

Software version: 5.1

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1615386

Modified date: 10 May 2013

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