WebSphere MQ Explorer (MS0T) connecting to z/OS queue manager

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Using WebSphere MQ (WMQ) Explorer v7.0.1.9 (MS0T) on Windows 7 for some administration tasks but certain attributes for queues and channels are not displaying correctly rendering the product unuseable.


When using WebSphere MQ Explorer v7.0.1.9 (MS0T) on Windows 7 to browse the properties of a remote z/OS channel, from the Extended view, "Put Authority" and "Default channel disposition" has a problem displaying, however when the same is done using WebSphere MQ Explorer v7.5 (MS0T), it shows correctly as expected. Also when using WebSphere MQ Explorer v7.0.1.9 (MS0T) on some other Windows 7 servers, everything is fine.


There is a known issue with the underlying Eclipse platform with some versions of Windows 7 (especially 64-bit releases) that causes elements of the GUI controls to fail to render correctly. At present the Eclipse team does not have a fix available for this issue.


Windows 7

Resolving the problem

You can workaround the issue by using either the 7.1 or 7.5 WMQ Explorer (MS0T), which uses a later version of the Eclipse platform which does not exhibit the same issue on Windows 7.

There are no WMQ compatibility issues when using a later WMQ Explorer to administer an older queue manager. The WMQ Explorer uses the queue manager's command level to determine the appropriate properties which should be displayed for a given WMQ object at that command level.

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