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Ontape backup file naming conventions

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What is the naming convention used for files in the ontape backup directory?


The directories specified using the ONCONFIG parameters TAPEDEV and LTAPEDEV provide the target location for ontape level 0 backup files and logical log backup files, respectively. In order to avoid duplication and assure unique filenames, a specific naming convention is used.


The filename used for file backups is


    Day= Day of week

    Mon=3 letter month name (in english)

    hh= 2 digit hour (24 hour format)

    mm=2 digit minute

    ss= 2 digit second

    Year= four digit (Gregorian) calendar year

    XXXXXX is a unique OS generated string

Also, temporary file names may be visible until a backup completes.

    'ONTL_'+<filename> == indicates a logical log file backup in progress.
    'ONTA_'+<filename> == indicates a level 0 file backup in progress.

Note: Time references are derived from the system timestamp.

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More support for: Informix Servers

Software version: 11.5, 11.7

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Modified date: 04 May 2017

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