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BMXAA4190E Asset/Location Priority 0

Technote (troubleshooting)


Priority error during PM work order generation.


If a PM is written against a location only (no route, and the location does not have an associated asset), PM Generation fails with error:

BMXAA3210E - Failure while generating work orders. BMXAA4190E - Asset/Location Priority 0 is not in the value list.

The PM itself does have a priority associated with it.


1) Create a simple numeric domain with a few values. For example: 1, 2 3

2) In Database Configuration application, associate this domain to the following priority fields:


Save and run database configuration

3) Create a PM 1008 based on a location only (where the location has
the default 0 priority) e.g. location = ADDR2001

4) Generate the work order 1219 from this PM

BMXAA3210E - Failure while generating work orders.
BMXAA4190E - Asset/Location Priority 0 is not in the value list.

A workaround would be to assign a priority to all locations, but this is not the behavior in Maximo 6, and it is not documented that all locations must have a priority that matches a valid Asset priority in order to run work order generation when there is no asset. The work order in this scenario does inherit the priority from the PM, not the location.

Resolving the problem

This is working by design. Priority 0 is not in the numeric value list 1,2,3 that got attached to asset.priority and workorder.priority fields.

If the domain is defined as 1,2,3 values then the location priority should be one of the values from the domain and cannot be 0. So the value has to exist in the domain list.

Alternatively, have this domain associated to the Location table also since this priority value gets copied to work order priority field when work orders are generated.

If there is a custom numeric domain on the asset/loc priority field on work orders that only allows 1, 2 or 3, then any calculation of the asset/loc priority will result in a 1, 2 or 3.

The asset/location priority is calculated when the asset and location fields are updated on a work order.

The 'calculation choice' defined in the preferences of Assignment manager will be used to calculate the work orders asset/location value.

Every asset and every location should have priorities defined that when calculated using the formula set in the assignment manager's preferences will always result in a value that is in that domain OR make sure that every possible calculation result is included in the domain for the asset/location field on the work order.

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