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Is it possible to connect the TEP console to the TEPS via a Squid - Proxy Server?


The "Squid" proxy can't handle IIOP traffic.

The TEP clients connect via port 15001 to the TEP server via IIOP/IP.

So, it is not possible to use the squid proxy for the TEP client connection because of the limitation of squid: it will only proxy http. One possible symptom of this is the message:

"KFWITM392E Internal error occurred during logon"

received after entering userid/password at logon time.

The solution would be to replace squid with a proxy server that supports IIOP or find a product that can supplement SQUID to handle the IIOP requests.

In ITM623 we introduced an http only interface between the TEP client and TEP server.

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