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Issues that are resolved in Maximo for Nuclear Power 7.5.1



This document describes the issues that are resolved in IBM® Maximo® for Nuclear Power version 7.5.1.


The following table identifies the issues and the corresponding APARs that are resolved in Maximo for Nuclear Power version 7.5.1.

APAR Issue Application Description
IV17966 12-11552 Permits (Nuc)
After you initiate a workflow process for a permit record, all fields in the permit record are disabled and all values are removed.
IV18029 12-11591 Permits (Nuc) If the status of a permit record is changed by a workflow process, and you then try to display the permit in the Permits (Nuc) application, the following message displays: "BMXAA7835W - You cannot view this record because of security restrictions or because the record no longer exists."
IV19075 12-11963 Work Order Tracking (Nuc) When you try to retrieve work orders using the REST API, the following message displays instead of the requested work order information: "BMXAA0031E - Object WORKORDER is read only. Check business rules of MBO or MBOSET object."
IV19971 12-12371 Job Plans (Nuc) You can revise a job plan in the Job Plans (Nuc) application even though job plan revision control is turned off in the Organizations (Nuc) application.
IV13126 12-10221 Work Order Tracking (Nuc) Performance is slow when you process work orders that contain many tasks or child records.
IV07646 11-15904 Work Order Tracking (Nuc) After reviewing a work order, the following message displays even though you have made no changes: "BMXAA2300I - Do you want to save your changes before continuing?"
IV14239 12-10464 Clearances (Nuc) In a clearance record, instead of defining a shared tag, you are allowed to add a second tag for the same location and application or restoration position.
n/a 11-15664 Clearances (Nuc) In an environment that includes a large number of assets and locations, performance is slow when you process large numbers of tags on a single clearance.
n/a 12-10209 Clearances (Nuc) Performance is slow when SRO approvals are automatically executed in a clearance that contains a large number of tags.

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