WMQ AMQ9413: Repository command format error

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you issue any WebSphere MQ cluster commands, such as refresh cluster, you are getting FDCs generated with Probe Id RM322000 and Major Errorcode rrcE_CLUS_COMMAND_ERROR. You also get error messages in the queue manager error log reporting AMQ9413.


In the queue manager error log:

MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS - Process(1234567.1) User(username) Program(amqrrmfa)
AMQ9413: Repository command format error, command code 1015
EXPLANATION: An internal error has occurred.

The FDC file contained the following details. (note: some lines have been removed because they were not relevant to this problem):

WebSphere MQ First Failure Symptom Report
Product Long Name :- WebSphere MQ for AIX
Vendor :- IBM
Probe Id :- RM322000
Application Name :- MQM
Component :- rrmRefreshCluster
SCCS Info :- cmd/remote/amqrrmfa.c, 1.548.1.31
Line Number :- 33292
Build Date :- Feb 24 2012
CMVC level :- p701-108-120224
Build Type :- IKAP - (Production)
Program Name :- amqrrmfa
Addressing mode :- 64-bit
UserApp :- FALSE
Major Errorcode :- rrcE_CLUS_COMMAND_ERROR
Minor Errorcode :- OK
Probe Type :- MSGAMQ9413
Probe Severity :- 2
Probe Description :- AMQ9413: Repository command format error, command code 0
MQM Function Stack


When copying the saveqmgr output from the previous queue managers which were on Windows systems, you forgot to change the CCSID from 437 to 1208 before creating your queue manager on AIX.

Resolving the problem

Alter the queue manager to use a CCSID of UTF-8 (1208) instead of 437 and restart the queue manager.

Product Alias/Synonym

WebSphere MQ WMQ

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