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cleartool protectvob executes only one parameter

Technote (troubleshooting)


In IBM Rational ClearCase, when you run cleartool protectvob with more than one option, -srfm, -atomic_checkin and -evil_twin, it only execute one and silently ignore the others.


The cleartool protectvob options -srfm, -atomic_checkin and -evil_twin are mutually exclusives. The cleartool protectvob code currently loops over a list of VOBs and not over the list of commands. The utility checks for protectvob actions in the order below and runs the first action that matches the list.

  1. mod_master

  2. remote_admin

  3. atomic_checkin

  4. srfm

  5. evil_twin

  6. group_p

  7. User_p

Resolving the problem

Run the protectvob command separately for each option.


Do not run the following command.

cleartool protectvob -srfm -atomic -evil <vob>

Run the following three commands sequentially instead.

cleartool protectvob -srfm <vob>

cleartool protectvob -atomic <vob>

cleartool protectvob -evil <vob>

For more information on the protectvob command, refers to the reference manual : cleartool protectvob

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Modified date: 12 November 2012

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