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The IBM InfoSphere MDM Server technology is now offered with IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management v10 and included in the Enterprise and Advanced Editions.


  • IBM InfoSphere MDM Advanced Edition – for strategic MDM programs, transforms an organization through improved processes; start small and grow. This edition includes both InfoSphere MDM Server and Initiate Master Data Service.
  • IBM InfoSphere MDM Enterprise Edition – addresses all of an organization’s MDM needs with a single comprehensive MDM solution. This edition includes InfoSphere MDM Server, Initiate Master Data Service and InfoSphere MDM Collaboration Server.

If you want to learn more information about the announcement and benefits of Master Data Management v10, please see the announcement letter.

Upgrading to InfoSphere MDM v10

IBM expects that you will find many of the new or enhanced features and capabilities offered by InfoSphere MDM compelling, such as the inclusion of IBM BPM Express for implementing MDM workflows for data stewardship and data governance and the InfoSphere MDM Application Toolkit for creating MDM-powered applications.

At such time you wish to move to InfoSphere MDM V10, you will need to upgrade existing MDM Server Foundation Usage Style entitlement to InfoSphere MDM Advanced Edition through trade-up licenses, prior to being granted access to the InfoSphere MDM v10 software. Customer extensions created on MDM Server will continue to work on InfoSphere MDM.

Withdrawal of Existing Part Numbers for InfoSphere MDM Server

Existing part numbers for MDM Server are being withdrawn. The withdrawing of MDM Server Foundation Usage Style part numbers will have no immediate impact to customers on the current MDM Server product licenses and offers migration options from the existing MDM Server Foundation Usage Style to InfoSphere MDM. Customers can continue to receive software support on existing InfoSphere MDM Server releases until their End of Service (EOS) date. (April 30, 2015 for v9.0). Please see the withdrawal announcement for more information.

Please see your IBM sales representative or contact for more information on taking advantage of InfoSphere MDM V10.

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