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How to upgrade Rational Directory Server for Tivoli 5.2

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How do you upgrade your IBM Rational Directory Server (RDS) for Tivoli 5.2?


Upgrading your Rational Directory Server (RDS) Tivoli is an involved process requiring you to review the various patches and upgrade procedures. This is NOT meant to replace the official installation and upgrade guides but to assist you by putting some structure on the process.

Before you start any upgrade, here is some useful information.

1) Naming conventions: "RDS" or "RDA"? "RDS Server" or "RDS Client" ?

RDS (as used inside Rational Synergy, Rational Change, Rational DOORS and other products) actually refers to two distinct pieces of software :

  • Rational Directory Server (RDS): The actual directory server, with no user interface.
  • Rational Directory Administrator (RDA): The web-based user interface to RDS. Also sometimes called "RDS client". You need to start it separately from RDS in order to browse RDS' content. The most common URL to RDA is : http:// :8080/webrda/rda

It is important to understand the difference between the two, because some upgrades require you to install a new version of both RDS and RDA (and therefore to migrate your RDS data using the migration tool included in RDA), while some upgrades (almost all FixPacks and iFixes) only require to install a new RDA, in a new separate folder, with no data migration required.

Yet, be prepared to use the name "RDS" abusively, but still know what you and Rational Client Support are really talking about. When an upgrade contains only RDA, it might be called "RDS something", in particular "RDS client", as opposed to "RDS server", which usually refers to strictly RDS.

Long things short : You must banish this sort of questioning from your mind : "Why is RDA offered for download when you are trying to download RDS". RDS sometimes refers to RDA, and vice versa.

2) Naming conventions : "Rational Directory Server Tivoli" or "Tivoli Directory Server" ?

Tivoli Directory Server (TDS) is an underlying component of RDS Tivoli, and has been installed by you prior to installing RDS Tivoli. Do not let the similar names confuse you.

3) What product do you currently have?

4) Are you up-to-date with your RDS admin password (tdsadmin) administration ?

Make sure you completely master your tdsadmin account (and its password) using Technote 1469504: How to manage the user "tdsadmin" in IBM Rational Directory Server.


1) What upgrades are needed?

    You should have at least RDS Tivoli 5.2, paired with any newer RDA (5.2,,, with any iFixes).

    The following table shows the versions of RDS Tivoli available at the time of writing :

2) What if you use UNIX (Linux, AIX, Solaris) ?
    Provided you have installed RDS 5.2, then you can just install every subsequent upgrade as a separate RDA. in a new, separate folder, on the same machine. You don't need to migrate your data. Leave your RDS alone, and simply shut down your current RDA then start the one you just installed.

      For example, you can skip directly from "RDS" (RDA) to iFix02, simply by installing that new version in a separate folder.

    See more details about AIX below.

3) What if you use AIX?
4) What if you use Windows?
    The table above reminds you that, if you use Windows, you can not install FixPacks and simply by installing those RDAs into a new, separate folder, like you would normally do on Unix.

    See: Release notes - Rational Directory Server (Tivoli)

      Note: To upgrade to Rational Directory Server (Windows only) from a previous version you must install Rational Directory Server separately and then migrate your existing data.

    Instead, you will need to consider that you're installing a brand new RDS.
    That means :

5) Download tips for RDS
    Some downloads (for example: RDS are available from FixCentral (FC), which is a public access website. For those, the download link takes you to the correct page.
    But some downloads (for example: RDS are available only on the Passport Advantage website, which is reserved for customers.

    If you cannot locate the RDS download you need on the Passport Advantage website, then try to search the unique Assembly "part number" instead. Most of the time, it's given in the download table on the Information page of the product.

      For example, if you need the pack containing RDS Tivoli for Windows (both 32 and 64 bits) together with RDA : Search for part number CI6M3EN

    Note: There is only one Linux download available. You can use this for Linux 32 bit or Linux 64 bit.

6) Download tips for IBM Global Security Kit (GSKit)
    GSKit - Security Bulletin: Multiple vulnerabilities in Rational Directory Server (CVE-2012-2203, CVE-2012-2191) Includes Information, download link and installation information.
    • It is of course recommended to install the latest GSKit, not just version 22 (at the time this Technote was released, version 24 existed).
    • Note that the installation page (above) helps you understanding the naming convention to locate GSKit on the FixCentral website :
          8. r.m.f-TIV-GSKIT- OS-FP nnnn
    • ...But it omits to mention that the prefix has changed from "TIV" to "ISS"! :
          For example, notice the difference between versions 21 and 22 for AIX :
      Just ignore that difference! "ISS" is just as good as "TIV".
    • If you fail to locate the GSKit version you need on FixCentral (for example, the link on the "Linux 64" installation instructions points to the 32-bit version of GSKit -- this is a mistake), then simply perform a search on the website, based on the broader naming convention clarified above. Just in case, the full list of downloads is here: IBM Global Security Kit (All releases, All platforms)

7) RDS installation tips: where in the world are the instructions?
    The " installation overview" link (available on RDS tivoli information page) shows some seemingly interesting topics:
    ...But then, new questions arise :
    • "You are trying to install a package containing only RDA Why do you end up on the full installation instructions of RDS 5.2 ?"
    • "Your are trying to upgrade from to Why do you end up on a page stating "This procedure is for upgrading IBM Rational Directory Server from version 5.1 to" ?

    This is because the instructions to install and migrate RDS on the one hand, and to install RDA on the other hand, mostly remained the same since RDS 5.1! See below what you must do.

8) How do you upgrade?
        Warning : the instructions below are just an overview of what you must do. But you must always refer to the official installation guides, that will detail all the pre-requisites, checks, tested procedures, and correct order!

      You should have at least RDS Tivoli 5.2

      • Windows users :

        Note: That will require you to stop your RDS server for some time.

        As explained before:
        1. Consider that every installation of RDS 5.2, or is a brand new version. So you must fully reinstall RDS along with RDA.
        2. Download directly RDS rather than any previous version (this will save you a lot of trouble regarding local users' management).
        3. Install using the instructions in Installing Rational Directory Server for RDS 5.2.
          Note: Because of Tivoli restrictions, you will need to install the new RDS onto a new machine. Instructions for RDS Backup and RDS Restore are available for backup and restore on the same machine, but they do not migrate the data.
        4. Migrate your data using RDA's migration tool. To understand better the migration tool, additionally to RDS' official manual, see Technote 1502275: Highlight on IBM Rational Directory Server Conflicting and Duplicate users migration.
        5. Do not forget to apply the GSKit fixes.
        6. Stop RDA (see Technote 1504007: How to stop the IBM Rational Directory Administrator ).
        7. Download and install RDA iFix 2 as a separate RDA.
        8. Apply the Help System security fix mentioned in the previous sections.
      • Unix users :

        Note: That will not require you to stop your RDS server, except briefly during GSKit installation.
        Note 2: AIX users, refer to previous sections for additional steps.

        You do not need to migrate your data, and you need only installing newer versions of RDA (see exceptions about AIX in the previous sections)
        1. Download directly RDA iFix 2, and GSKit (or higher).
        2. Stop your current RDA (see Technote 1504007: How to stop the IBM Rational Directory Administrator ).
        3. Install GSKit (follow the instructions mentionned before).
        4. Install the new RDA in a new folder.
        5. Apply the Help System security fix mentioned in the previous sections.

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