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Managed Build projects are deprecated for C/C++ Remote Projects on AIX and Linux, in IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software 8.5.1 (RDp).

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With IBM Rational Development for Power Systems Software, remote C/C++ projects on AIX/Linux systems may be created as Makefile projects or as Managed Build projects. With Managed Build projects, Makefiles are provided and maintained by RD Power. The RD Power 8.5.1 fixpack will deprecate Managed Build projects. Managed Build projects will no longer be available or supported in future releases of RD Power.

Existing Managed Build projects will still function as Managed Build projects in this release, but it is strongly recommended that users convert their Managed Build projects to a Makefile project as soon as is convenient. Instructions on how to convert Managed Build projects to Makefile projects are provided below.



    Makefile projects provide the greatest functionality and reliability for customers of Rational Developer for Power Systems Software.

For existing Managed Build Remote C/C++ projects on AIX/Linux:

These projects should be converted from a Managed Build project to a Makefile project. To do this, follow these instructions:

      1) From the Project Explorer view, right click on your project and select "Properties" from the context menu.

      2) Click the tab "C/C++ Build" from the menu on the left side.

      3) Click the tab "Builder Settings" at the top.

      4) In the section titled "Makefile generation", deselect both "Generate Makefiles automatically", and "Expand Env. Variable Refs in Makefiles".

      5) Click "OK".

When creating new Remote C/C++ Projects on AIX/Linux:

    When creating a new Remote C/C++ project on an AIX or Linux system, on the second page of the project creation wizard, under the section "Build script settings", select only "Makefile project".

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