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The unit test environment (UTE) server not start properly after installing the Lotus WebForm Server

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Why does the unit test environment (UTE) server not start properly after I have installed the Lotus WebForm Server, which is packaged with WebSphere Integration Developer and WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition, into the UTE server profile in WebSphere Integration Developer and WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition?


The WebSphere Process Server UTE server profile uses embedded Derby for the common WebSphere Process Server database so that it supports only one connection at a given time. However, if Lotus WebForm Server is installed into the same profile as the WebSphere Process Server UTE server, both servers for Lotus WebForm Server and WebSphere Process Server must connect to the WebSphere Process Server database while running. This situation means that WebSphere Process Server cannot function properly if Lotus WebForm Server is already connected to the database.

Resolving the problem

The following two solutions are available for this issue:

  • You can create another profile (a WebSphere Application Server profile is sufficient) and install Lotus WebForm Server into that profile.

  • You can reverse the order in which the two servers are started. Complete the following steps:
    1. Open the Windows Control Panel and select Administrative Tools > Services.

    2. Stop WebSphere Application Server V7.0 for Lotus WebForm Server if it is started and change its startup type from automatic to manual.

    3. Open WebSphere Integration Developer and start the test server in WebSphere Process Server.

    4. Verify the log and console to ensure that the server started successfully without any exceptions.

    5. In Services, start the WebSphere Application Server instance for Lotus WebForm Server.

Note: You will see exceptions in the system log for Lotus WebForm Server for failed connections to the database for WebSphere Process Server. However, Lotus WebForm Server functions properly because it does not depend on functions from the underlying profile for WebSphere Process Server.

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