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Fixing a validation error in WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) for a failed WSDL import

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How do you rresolve the following error, which you receive when validating a WSDL import failed?


XSD: Type reference '' is unresolved.

The WSDL file validated fine in Altova XMLSpy, but the validation failed in WebSphere Integration Developer.


This issue is caused by inline schemas that have the same namespace.

Resolving the problem

Combine all of the inline schemas with the same namespace into one inline schema.

Alternatively, you can extract your inline schemas to XSD files when using the WSDL and XSD importer, which you can access by selecting File > Import > Business Integration > WSDL and XSD.
Note: The XSD model is working as designed; it requires specific references, such as an xsd:include, to objects outside a schema.

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Modified date: 29 October 2012

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