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The IBM SPSS Data Access pack 6.1 sp3 (SDAP 6.1 sp3) was released with IBM SPSS Statistics 21 and IBM SPSS Modeler 15

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What ODBC drivers are needed and where do I go to download them for IBM SPSS Statistics 21 and IBM SPSS Modeler 15?


The SPSS Data Access Pack (SDAP) needed for IBM SPSS Statistics 21 and IBM SPSS Modeler 15 is SDAP 6.1 sp3 (Service Pack 3).

1) Start the download process by clicking on the following link (SPSS Licensing and Downloads):

2) In the middle of the web page next to "Downloads after your purchase" Click on "IBM Software and Services" or the following link:

3) Click on "Customer sign in" or the following link:

4) Either Sign in under "Returning customers" or register, as a "New customer".
Either you will be presented with the “Software Downloads” web site, or you will need to nominate yourself for access to the download portal.
NOTE: If you are not the primary contact, you will need to nominate yourself.
After you have successfully nominated yourself you will need to wait until your nomination is approved before you can continue with the download process.
5) Click on "Software download & media access"
6) Click on "Download finder"
7) Next to the heading 'Find by part number' type in the part number 'CI8X6EN'
8) Click on 'Search'
9) You will be taken to part number 'CI8X6EN'
10) Click the Check Box next to 'IBM SPSS Data Access Pack 6.1 sp3 Multiplatform English (CI8X6EN)'
11) Select 'I agree'
12) Click on 'Download now'

Your download process will begin.
Note: If you have any browser issues, follow the browser messages to correct the issues, or see your IT specialist or Help Desk to assist you with your browser settings.

Once you have downloaded your Data Access Pack 6.1 sp3 and have extracted the files from the zipped file, ( please located your operating system folder and expand it. Follow the 'IBM SPSS Data Access Pack Installation Instructions.pdf' contained within your operating system folder.
Software specifications for your reference:
Name: IBM SPSS Data Access Pack 6.1 sp3 Multiplatform English (CI8X6EN)
Part Number: CI8X6EN
File Name (download):
For use with IBM Software Products: SPSS Statistics 21 & SPSS Modeler 15

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