Known problems in IBM eDiscovery Analyzer Version 2.2.1



This technote contains brief descriptions of problems in IBM eDiscovery Manager Analyzer 2.2.1 that were discovered before the product shipped. Where applicable, workarounds are provided.


1. Indexing of Lotus WordPro 96 documents is not supported by 64-bit eDiscovery Analyzer version 2.2.1

Lotus WordPro 96 documents (LWP file format) cannot be indexed by the 64-bit version of eDiscovery Analyzer 2.2.1. These documents can be indexed by the 32-bit version of eDiscovery Analyzer 2.2.1.

2. Incorrect message when uninstalling eDiscovery Analyzer

After you uninstall eDiscovery Analyzer in console mode, the following message might be displayed: "Some items could not be removed." Verify that all items were removed; if so, you can ignore this message.

3. Case index cannot be deleted by using eDiscovery Analyzer after the case is deleted in eDiscovery Manager

When a case is deleted in eDiscovery Manager, the case index in eDiscovery Analyzer is orphaned and cannot be accessed or deleted by using the eDiscovery Analyzer user interface. To delete the orphaned index, you must stop eDiscovery Analyzer and then manually remove the directory containing the orphaned index. This directory resides in <EDA_INSTALL>\config\collections\<casename>_<timestamp>.

To avoid this issue, first delete the case index in eDiscovery Analyzer before you delete the case in eDiscovery Manager.

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4. Problems with installing and uninstalling eDiscovery Analyzer in console mode

Due to a problem with a third party component of eDiscovery Analyzer, the following problems occur when eDiscovery Analyzer is installed in console mode:

  • eDiscovery Analyzer can only be installed in the system locale. For example, if your system locale is English, you cannot install eDiscovery Analyzer in a non-English locale. To work around this problem, install eDiscovery Analyzer by using the graphical user interface or by running a silent installation.
  • An error message might not be displayed when eDiscovery Analyzer is installed on a computer with insufficient disk space. To work around this problem, check the system requirements for eDiscovery Analyzer and ensure that your computer has sufficient disk space before you install eDiscovery Analyzer.
  • When uninstalling eDiscovery Analyzer by clicking Start > All Programs > IBM eDiscovery Analyzer > Uninstall, eDiscovery Analyzer is uninstalled in graphical user interface mode. To specifically uninstall eDiscovery Analyzer in console mode, follow the instructions in this topic: Removing eDiscovery Analyzer.

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