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Restrictions and known issues for IBM PureData System for Transactions T1500, Fix Pack



This document outlines all restrictions, known issues and workarounds for the IBM PureData System for Transactions, Fix Pack


Known Issues and Workarounds for IBM PureData System for Transactions, Fix Pack
Mozilla Firefox 20.0 is an unsupported browser

Problem: The GUI fails to load the login page or provide any corrective instructions when viewed through the latest version of Firefox (20.0) released on April 2, 2013.
Resolution: Install and enable the Firefox ESR release from this page:
Alternatively, use another supported browser such as Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

Restrictions and known issues for associated Database Tools

For restrictions and known issues for the database performance monitor and IBM Data Studio, see:
Restrictions and known issues for database tools

For information about a required interim fix you must download and install for IBM Data Studio, see:
Required fixes for IBM Data Studio

Any information about the integration of PureApplication System and PureData System for Transactions, or deploying a DB2 pureScale database from PureApplication System to PureData System, is for planning purposes only. This integration and deployment information is subject to change before the functions described become available.

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