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Windows 7 client mounts every VOB with 3 seconds delay

Technote (troubleshooting)


The cleartool mount -all command of IBM Rational ClearCase runs slowly when you run the command from a Microsoft Windows 7 client.


The cleartool mount -all command needs 3 seconds to run for every Versioned Object Base (VOB).


Windows 7 tries to open the VOB storage directory through Server Message Blocks (SMB) before connecting through Network File System (NFS). This attempt occurs for every VOB storage directory.

The 3 s is the time SMB waits for the server response.


Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise that uses the NFS client to mount a UNIX or Linux VOB storage directory.

Diagnosing the problem

A network trace shows that Windows first uses the SMB2 protocol to connect to the \\<vobservername>\<export> . Afterwards Windows uses NFS.

Resolving the problem

Mount the VOB server's NFS export, before you run the cleartool mount command. In this way Microsoft Windows uses NFS immediately.

From the Windows command line, submit a command with the following syntax.

mount <VOB server name or IP_address>:<export name> <drive letter>

EXAMPLE 1 (specifying a drive letter)

C:\Windows\system32>mount Z:

Z: is now successfully connected to
The command completed successfully.

EXAMPLE 2 (using an asterisk allowing Windows to select the next available drive letter)

M:\user_view5>mount <servername>:/export/vobstorage *

N: is now successfully connected to <servername>:/export/vobstorage
The command completed successfully.

If you mount the complete VOB storage directory path, you need to mount each VOB storage directory path individually.

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