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Defects Fixed in IBM Informix Genero Version 2.41

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What defects are fixed in IBM Informix Genero Version 2.41?


GAS: Genero Application Server and Client (includes HTML5)

Bug ID Short Description
16926 Handle POST parameters
22799 Wrong day name is displayed on calendar
17156 Table current line is not updated when clicking on NOENTRY fields in INPUT
21385 Cursor set at the end of empty field when defined with PICTURE
21669 Calendar dates are duplicated with some Time Zone settings
21708 Table.AggregateValue may not be visible when using Table.AggregateText
22008 gwcproxy crashes when there is no window
22207 Table: user defined column size
22309 Click on image or checkbox in display array leads to type ahead rollback
22482 Review window + windowType=modal
22500 In HTML5 mode, HIDDEN attribute doesn't work for LABEL
22580 Wrong column order in table when TABINDEX attribute is used
22689 In a TextEdit with textFormat="html" (Rich Text), Control-C doesn't copy the data but centers it
22758 In a TopMenu, sub-menu actions do not work in HTML5 mode
22805 Incorrect field proportion
22806 Incorrect GROUP height
22807 Incorrect COMBOBOX width
22808 COMBOBOX initial size is incorrect
22820 Cannot reset COMBOBOX value to NULL
22891 RADIOGROUP has an extra none value
22896 PICTURE with parentheses is not working properly
22905 File upload browse (choose file) button is not correctly aligned
22943 TABLE: UPSHIFT/DOWNSHIFT may not be correctly reapplied when using nested dialogs
22966 File transfer links disappear after an open window
23018 gwcproxy's USER_AGENT timeout gets triggered immediately if it is greater than 2147 seconds
23043 PICTURE with parentheses is not working properly
23070 In HTML5, value of a ProgressBar defined in a table isn't visible for current row
23075 In DateEdit calendar, cannot use arrow to select a date
23076 In input array, current row color is not applied
23081 In AJAX mode, fgl_winmessage() doesn't accept RETURN/ENTER key
23082 In input mode, sometimes the value of the current field is not in selection (highlighted)
23086 Disabled COMBOBOX text is too light
23098 In HTML5, WIDTH attribute for table columns does not work
23153 Dispatcher should clean temporary files when a session is no longer valid
23314 Invalid AUITree element access error when scrolling in a table
19392 Setting the width or the height of a table image in pixels is not supported
19723 System.NullReferenceException after unhiding/re-hiding checkbox table column
22131 In modal window, javascript error when doing fast clicks on a table row
22382 gwsproxy hangs when DVM crashes due to wrong min and max value handling in pool of thread
22122 In SL, a System.ArgumentNullException error is sent when executing an action having a wrong acceleratorName
22567 Fastcgidispatcher crash when reaching a high number of users
22589 In SCROLLGRID, application can stop if the current row is not set
22622 After a scroll in table, current row displayed with ARR_CURR() function is not correct
22575 In IE9 with document mode IE9, data is not erased when initialized to null
22632 Error when frontcall function is executed several times in a short period of time
22670 Toolbar is truncated when it is larger than the browser window
22704 Front call fails when parameters are different from STRING or INTEGER
22749 When going from display to input, sometimes the Combobox value is lost
22763 In SL, error when exiting an application that loaded a wrong value for textColor 4st style attribute
22809 Fields size do not fit the ones defined in the form
22895 fgl_getfile cannot upload a file named with special characters
22903 COLOR WHERE colors are not the same for all sets
22858 On IE, value reset is not taken into account when typing fast
23288 Wrong content-length sent in response to a retry

GDC: Genero Desktop Client (GDC)

Bug ID Short Description
23299 TABLE: In INPUT ARRAY, data of last visible row may be reported to next row when scrolling
23280 Crash when invoking context menu on a matrix
20517 Dotted rectangle which indicates that the COMBOBOX has the focus is different from Windows OS.
22359 With HTTP connection, sometimes feinfo ip front call does not retrieve the client ip address
22376 GDC may not be able to load several WEBCOMPONENTs simultaneously
22383 Proxy exceptions are not correctly handled when using system settings
22411 Title of top and bottom MENUs shouldn't be displayed when MENU is empty
22427 [MDI:] Closing a sub-modal window from a modal child application makes the container accessible
22510 [MDI:] When closing a window opened from a first child window using RUN, focus is directly retrieved by the container
22511 [MDI] If two successive modal child programs are executed using RUN, container is reachable again and can be put on top
22617 OSX 10.7: GDC may go in an infinite loop and then takes 100% CPU
22562 TABLE: Usual right-click options for copying are no longer available in INPUT ARRAY
22577 HTTP: Important slowness when IE automatically detects LAN settings and GDC follows them for its proxy configuration
22732 Https client certificate doesn't work anymore
20861 Would like a way to disable the tooltip displaying network errors
22849 Connection strings: Would like a "clear password" option for "ask password from user" action
22879 [Traditional mode] GDC crashes if application is stopped when modal window is on top
22902 Unicode private characters cannot be displayed by GDC versions that are using Qt4
22968 GDC may crash after resizing TABLES using a splitter
22992 Spell checker: "Add to Dictionary" option may be available whereas it shouldn't be
23007 GDC does not free its port when application has launched an execute frontcall
23016 Table rows not displayed when using AGGREGATE fields
23046 GDC crashes in traditional mode due to Actionframe clashes
23049 GDC crash when pressing down arrow key in a table
23092 GDC crash when window is maximized due to stored settings

GWS: Genero Web Services (BDL extension)

Bug ID Short Description
22612 GWS does not support content-type application/json
22615 Crypto library loading can take long time
23240 Since version 2.40, SOAP engine is to strict regarding SOAPAction header value
15988 Global options flags to set http version

FGL: Business Development Language (BDL)

Bug ID Short Description
23213 ui: crash after receiving events from base.MessageServer.
23128 ui: built in seek and find with multiple row selection: must reset the selection and select the target row.
23126 ui: Calling built in find for an empty array changes the length of the array to 1.
22967 Since 2049: ui: In multiple dialogs current row not kept after NEXT FIELD.
22534 License incorrectly switched from GUI to WS type when WebService has consumed a GUI license before serving requests.
22702 ui: fixed a hang after io errors (reported on AIX).
22755 Functions like fgl_dialog_getCursor() and fgl_dialog_getSelectionEnd() cannot be used in UTF-8 locale.
22542 fgllink: Wrong main is called if any linked module IMPORTs a module defining MAIN.
22168 fgllink: missing linker error if two function names are considered the same, ignoring case.
22607 DIALOG: crash if all form-fields used by an INPUT ARRAY have TABINDEX=0.
22624 In INPUT ARRAY / AFTER FIELD, DIALOG.setFieldActive() of last column has no effect on the tabbing list.
22546 Java: Number localization broken after calling com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal.toString().
22534 License incorrectly switched from GUI to WS type when WebService. (do not merge, needs different changes for trunk since housekeeping)
22495 The fglfind window should be displayed as a modal window on top of the MDI container.
21460 INPUT and CONSTRUCT from a Table row: the attribute currentRow might not be initialized.
22389 Crash when calling fgl_dialog_setbuffer() in a DIALOG/CONSTRUCT with UNBUFFERED option
22266 On Solaris only, fglrun hands when GDC is stopped with a SIGKILL
22234 tui: If ON IDLE is used then ON KEY(ACCEPT) waits the whole idle time
22255 Crash in substring of VARCHAR if the end-index is greater then LENGTH and LENGTH is less then the declaration length (using multibyte charactersets).
20742 Stored sort order lost when doing OPEN WINDOW and CONSTRUCT executed before DISPLAY ARRAY.

GST: Genero Studio

Bug ID Short Description
23157 Steps on how to migrate a project from AG 2.32 to AG 2.40
23142 Data type DECIMAL(p) without scale is not supported
23194 Document error is shown for default value of 'Precision' property of 'Decimal' data type
22132 Reload 'POINT/BLOCK' action option sets wrong 'POINT/BLOCK' with 'RELOAD' status when multiple 'POINT/BLOCK' are in 'MODIFIED' state
22173 GST crashes on changing text encoding when dependency diagram is open
22304 GST crashes while saving modified project when dependency diagram is open
23069 GST stops responding and need to be forcefully closed on 'Export as Image...' action when there are no items in file
22177 GST crashes on validating 'Genero host management' dialog after removing remote configuration when server is unavailable
22369 GST crashes on quickly closing it when commit process is in progress
22564 GST crashes while clicking more than once on 'Select Revision' button of 'Update Settings' dialog
22261 GST hangs on resizing a minipage container of master report of a sub-report application
22722 GST freezes in some cases when having a container with a width set to 'rest'
22964 GST freezes when setting a padding/margin/border on a root page containing propagating boxes
22268 Search: GST crashes while doing 'Find next' operation in empty 4ba file after modifying first searched string
22600 Complex module variable record is not displayed correctly in data view
22959 GST crash when invoking an index out of range for an array in the 'User variables' in the 'Data' view
23303 GST crashes when the command executed in GD command view contains newline characters
22244 GST crashes if debugger is stopped immediately after starting it in GWC configuration
23292 GST crashes when macro is being recorded and GST is closed
22712 GST crash on first start
23327 GST crashes while loading old version 4RD file
23377 Schema file is missing for 'file-types.xml'
23417 GST crashes while opening a 'New' dialog when last launched creatable has been removed from creatable.conf
22218 GST stops responding after pressing 'Backspace' key multiple times in per file
22700 GST crashes on doing cut operation on whole .4gl file having a function with commented lines
22198 GST crashes on loading all deleted toolbars on next launch
23448 GST crashes while creating new file when one mime type is associated with two different content types
22587 Genero Studio Debugger crash due to a variable parsing problem
23169 Files added through 'Add files...' option in first project created using Projects view after launching GST can not be imported in BA diagram
23437 GST crashes on compiling an AG file when a business application diagram extension is renamed from invalid to valid name
23150 GST crash when performing a 'Compile file' while no file is opened in the framework
22570 Cannot embed bitmap files in an Image Box of a report
23195 Invalid database form file is created on using SERIAL data type
21756 Browser doesn't start when running application in a GWC configuration
22819 Cannot import files of base type 'File' to business application diagram
22327 Error loading database schema when compiling an AG project
22279 Rebuild is successful with an error and all user changes are lost when CODE file and end tag for any POINT/BLOCK in 4GL file are missing
23178 .4pwdb rebuilt each time you open a project
22316 Can not add an order item in Officestore demo application
22972 XSD schema: Data imported from a separate XSD file doesn't appear in the data view
22179 'Build' action builds only the source module and not destination module after making changes in the relation
22399 SCH file is generated in current directory instead of target directory on opening a project containing 4DB file
22595 User changes are deleted from 4GL file on rebuild if POINT/BLOCK is renamed
22574 Slowness when opening RTL editor with big .xsd files
22798 No trigger is generated in the report structure for a [0,1] variable
23295 Watch points are not shown when multiple conditions separated by new line character are added
23296 Watch points gets added twice if watch point condition is followed by a new line character

GRE: Genero Report Engine (includes Genero Report Designer)

Bug ID Short Description
23369 Image set using <img> tag in HTML Box is not shown in report output
23197 SVG output format: Memory leak when running certain reports referring to logical pages
18365 Provide a default image when a specified image on a report is not found
22566 Embedded SVG image fails to display
22569 '+' character is not displayed in a HTMLBox of a report
22640 Get a way to print the same text on each even page (back side) of a report
22776 Using PXML function getTotalNumberOfPages() may produce unprintable SVG documents
23079 Bitmap embedded in an svg image is not rendered accordingly in SVG output format
22067 Chinese characters are not recognized in ASCII report output
22754 PXML expression 'max' can yield wrong values for child nodes of MINIPAGE when the section property is set
23089 Java error at runtime when specifying a dashed border with a width smaller than 1
23219 Reports generated through GAS are not opened directly with the appropriate application
23283 'LF' EOL is set for some files in GRE installation
23259 GRV crashes while opening SVG file after closing opened file
22118 Content in HTML Box is shrunk if the size of the box is not big enough

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