Knowledge Collection: MySql data source related issues for InfoSphere Federation Server

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This Knowledge Collection is a focused compilation of links to documents for InfoSphere Federation Server MySql data source related issues.


InfoSphere Federation Server: MySql data source related issues and information:

[Collecting Data]:

[1321031] Collecting data for InfoSphere Federation Server Data Source Configuration Issues

[Information Server information]:

Configuring access to ODBC data sources:


[1442094] Connections to versions of MySQL prior to version 5.0 are not supported

[1421178] Unable to connect to MySql database using ODBC wrapper with IBM Branded ODBC driver.

[1443531] FAQ for using InfoSphere® Federation Server ODBC wrapper to connect MySQL database

[1398475] Why do I receive a SQL1822N rc1045 when accessing Mysql?

[1422147] Accessing MySql data source using IBM branded ODBC driver with ODBC wrapper version 9.5 and later

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