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How to create a report for daily documents received via Gentran:Director

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Is there a way to create a report for all EDI orders received daily?


Create a session to create a document report:

1. Open Gentran and click on Process control
2. Click on Sessions
3. Click on New
4. Name the session “Daily_Report” or something like that.
5. Click Insert
6. Select GDW_Document_Rpt from the drop down menu.
7. Give it a file name -- like C:/My_Daily_Report.txt
Note: Be sure to include both a path and file name so you will be able to find the document after running the event. If only a file name is given, the document will be in the Gentran:Director default path.
8. Select the InDrawer in the document location
9. Select All for the Document Status
10. Select 1 for the date/age of Docs (You can also select a specific date - use the help screen for more information)
11. Click OK
12. Repeat the steps above to create commands for other document locations. For instance these locations should be included:
In Document (the top inbasket on the top of the desk)
?In Documents (the bottom inbasket on the top of the desk)
13. Save the session

Create the Event to run the session:

14. Click on the Events Tab
15. Go to New
16 Name the event "Daily_Report" for consistency.
17. Choose the Daily_Report session in the Session field
18. Enter the time start as 08:00
19. Click OK
20. Click Execute to run the report.
21. Locate the file in the location specified in step 2 above.

1. Be aware that every time you run the report it will append to an existing file, so delete it if before you execute it again. You can add a File_Delete before the GDW_Document_Rpt Command.
2. The comma delimited data can be imported into a spreadsheet program to review and print
3. The file layout for the data Is located in the Gentran:Director Administrator's Guide under the section on Process Control and then under the documentation for GDW_Document_Rpt
4. The help screens in Process Control are very helpful - suggest using them for assistance with creating new sessions.

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