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FileNet P8 connection validation fails with error during IBM Content Collector v3.0 initial configuration

Technote (troubleshooting)


Incorrect or old URL is stored in IBMAFUROOT\\Configuration\\initialConfig\\data\\AfuInitialConfigOutput.xml


This is because of a previous incorrect URL being saved.
Even though you change the URL to correct one http://hostname/wsi/FNCEWS40MTOM/ at IBM Content Collector setup tools -> P8 Repository Configuration, the old URL is still stored in IBMAFUROOT\\Configuration\\initialConfig\\data\\AfuInitialConfigOutput.xml and that old URL is being used.


Windows 2008

Diagnosing the problem

Check the files IBMAFUROOT\\Configuration\\initialConfig\\data\\AfuInitialConfigOutput.xml where the incorrect URL can be seen.

Resolving the problem

  • Delete IBMAFUROOT\\Configuration\\initialConfig\\data\\AfuInitialConfigOutput.xml
  • Run initial configuration or the P8 Repository Configuration setup tool again.

Document information

More support for: Content Collector

Software version: 3.0

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1614271

Modified date: 22 August 2013

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