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Announcement Letter for IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise V3.7



General Availability of IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise version 3.7 is 7 December 2012 for electronic availability and 4 January 2013 for media availability.
IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise V3.7 delivers enterprise, optimization-based, decision support for collaborative planning and scheduling across lines of business.
IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise V3.7 enhancements include:

  • Business user views and analytics
  • Quick prototyping
  • Server-side Linux™ port


IBM Optimization helps businesses determine how to most effectively allocate limited resources and to automatically balance trade-offs and business constraints to achieve maximum operational efficiency. IBM Optimization delivers measurable return on investment (ROI) through effective, analytical decision-support solutions. IBM Optimization supports decision-making processes in situations where complexity and urgency mandate solutions that can quickly and automatically analyze the operational impact of numerous business decisions.

IBM ILOG Optimization Decision Manager (ODM) Enterprise V3.7 offers a platform for advanced analytics solutions based on optimization, with out-of-the-box features such as 'what-if' analysis, user-friendly GUIs, and a repeatable implementation process for deploying enterprise-wide, decision support.

For more information, see the US Announcement Letter for IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise. Information for other country announcement letters is located here.

To determine what the newest release of IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise is and if the release you are running is still supported see the IBM Software Support Lifecycle Page for IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise.

Refer to the Product Downloads document for information on downloading the product or fixes.

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Software version: 3.7

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

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Modified date: 11 January 2013

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