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Java exceptions while using the Classic Replication perspective in Classic Data Architect

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How can I resolve specific java exceptions when working with the Classic Replication perspective in Classic Data Architect?


There are two known java exceptions that can occur when working with the Classic Replication perspective in Classic Data Architect:

1) java NullPointerException is issued when a user swaps between the Classic Integration and Classic Replication perspectives

2) java ClassCastException may be issued after the swap, and an attempt is made to select connections from the Classic Replication perspective

To avoid these exceptions, add the Data Project Explorer tab to the Classic Replication Management perspective. The following are steps to add the tab:

When you complete these steps, the Classic Replication perspective will look like the picture below:

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Click on the Subscription Tab in the upper left quadrant Classic Replication Management perspective of the CDA. The purpose of this step is to ensure that the Data Project Explorer tab is placed next to the subscriptions tab.
2. Click on the Window/Show View/Other menu option to bring up the Show View Dialog.

3. From the Show View Dialog, expand the Data Management tree and select the Data Project Explorer entry. Then click on ‘OK’ to bring in the Data Project Explorer tab.

When you complete this step, the Data Project Explorer tab should appear as shown below:

At this point, you can execute MTO commands directly from the Classic Replication perspective by right-clicking on the command and selecting “Run MTO Commands…”.

When you run an MTO command, the results should appear in the bottom pane as shown below.

Opening and Editing MTO Commands

If you double-click on an existing MTO command, eclipse will bring the editor up in a new pane on the right side of the CDA. The pane will look as shown below:

Since this reduces the display space available for replication monitoring, you will want to minimize this editing window when not in use. To do this, click on the minimize button in the upper right corner of the pane (circled).

Saving your perspective

Once you have the CDA set up the way you like it, exit CDA, and then restart it to ensure that eclipse saves the changes to your perspective.

Restoring the default perspective

If at any time you want to restore the original perspective, there is a 'Reset perspective' option under the Window menu. You can also close the Data Explorer or SQL Results tab at any time by clicking on the ‘X’ in the right hand corner of the tab.

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