Problem with menu's not being visible in Application Manager for specific user

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A logistics user is experiencing problems when using the Application Manager application - they cannot see the Shipment Planning menu.

When the particular user launches the application platform and tries to navigate to the "Shipment Planning" module under Logistic Management --> Logistics , user is denied access to the module.


Users must have the following permission granted "outbound Constraints". Based on users functionality other permissions can be granted along with this which would together provide more access to user.


Configurations :

Launch Application Manager.
Click on Applications and navigate to Application platform.
Under Security --> Groups.
Click on the group created by and under permissions choose Distributed Order Management.
Now under Distributed Order Management --> Applications --> Applications Manager --> Cross Application --> Logistics.
Grant the "Outbound Constraints" permission.
Save the permission details and the group details settings.

Logistics user should log out and login after above configuration is done

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