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Correlating Rational Publishing Engine and Rational DOORS versions for Bidi support of Hebrew and Arabic languages

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Which versions of Rational Publishing Engine and Rational DOORS must be installed to get latest enhacements in bidirectional (Bidi) support for Arabic and Hebrew languages?


Several enhancements were developed in Bidi support. Those enhancements require version synchronization between Rational Publishing Engine and Rational DOORS products.


In latest versions of Rational DOORS (9.5) and Rational Publishing Engine (1.2), Bidi support enhancements were implemented. In Rational Publishing Engine, those enhancements allow proper display of Bidi text in Microsoft Word based reports. Both text with natural left-to-right base text direction (such as English) and text with natural right-to-left base text direction (such as Hebrew) are now adequately shown in Microsoft Word based report.

For those features to work properly, take note of these details:

  1. Only deployment environments in which both Rational DOORS 9.5 or later and Rational Publishing Engine 1.2 or later are installed new enactments are available.
  2. Only the stand-alone version of Rational Publishing Engine supports these enhancements; Rational Reporting for Document Generation (RRDG) packaged with Rational DOORS does not support these enhancements because Rational DOORS 9.5 is not packaged with RRDG 1.2.

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