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Consolidations run without AFC clears (deletes) the figures (data) which have already been calculated by a previous consolidation

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User runs a consolidation with AFC. As expected, this populates the Controller database with data (figures) relating to AFC.
Afterwards, customer makes a few minor changes to the data (numbers) inside the system which do *not* relate to AFC (i.e. has no impact to AFC). Customer wishes to re-consolidate (using the exact same parameters) but (in order to reduce the time taken to run a consolidation) user chooses to *not* include AFC calculations as part of the new consolidation. In other words, user does NOT tick the box "Include Advanced Formula Calculations" inside the box "Consolidation with Status".
Afterwards, user checks the numbers/figures in the database. The AFC-related data is now missing - it has been cleared by the process of running the consolidation (without enabling AFC).


When a consolidation is run without AFC it clears the figures which have already been calculated by previous consolidations.

  • This means that the customer is forced to always include AFC as part of the consolidation..


This behaviour is by design.

Resolving the problem

This behaviour is by design.

In other words, if customers wish to have their system containing AFC-calculated data/figures, then they must always ensure that the box "Include Advanced Formula Calculations" is ticked/enabled (when choosing the options inside the window "Consolidation with Status").

Adding AFC calculations to the consolidation job will increase the time taken to run (which is typically the reason why a user may want to untick the AFC box). If speed is the only reason the user wants to disable AFC, then (as a workaround) it is *theoretically* possible to create some form of 'dummy' AFC which runs quickly but without affecting the data created by the earlier 'real' AFC run.

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Software version: 10.1.1

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Reference #: 1614067

Modified date: 12 November 2012

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