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Redundant Sentinel License Manager needs correct server order

Technote (troubleshooting)


When installing the Sentinel License Manager in a redundant setup you need to specify at least 3 physical servers.

You have to respect the sequence of the servers when you configure the client IBM SPSS software (primary server, second server, third server)


When you specify a different sequence in the SPSSProd.inf or the windows environmental parameter LSHOST the client SPSS Statistics software will give an error "7001 - there is no license for IBM SPSS Statistics" when your main Sentinel License Manager server has failed over to one of the secondary servers.



Diagnosing the problem

When you build the redundant server file 'lservrlf' and copy it to the other Sentinel License Manager servers you need to note down the order/sequence of the servers. eg. the first server in the list is 'serverX', the second server in the list is 'serverY' and the third server in the list is 'serverZ'.
It is necessary to specify the same order in SPSSprod.inf (daemonhost = serverX:serverY:serverZ) or set the windows environmental variable LSHOST to serverX:serverY:serverZ.

When the serverX goes down the licenses will be migrated to serverY. If the sequence in LSHOST or SPSSprod.inf is for example set as serverX:serverZ:serverY then the error message "7001 - there is no license for IBM SPSS statistics" will be displayed even when serverY has all the licenses still available.

Resolving the problem

Open Sentinel RMS License Server Administrator (WLMadmin). Go to edit/redundant license file. if no servers are displayed open the lservrlf file which is found the the Sentinel License Manager installation folder.
You will see three servers listed. Change the order of the servers via the change order 'move up'/'move down' buttons so it will reflect the settings in your LSHOST windows environmental variable or the SPSSprod.inf file on your SPSS clients installation folder.
OR change the LSHOST or SPSSprod.inf file on the SPSS Statistics client software in such way that the servers are listed in the same sequence/order.

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