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As stated on the Adobe website, the Adobe Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Viewer is no longer supported. How does this affect using IBM Cúram Social Program Management Platform on Windows 7?


Adobe's decision to remove customer support for their SVG Viewer will not have any impact on our clients. Certain features in Cúram Social Program Management Platform make use of the SVG technology and as such we depend on a SVG Viewer to be able to run them in some browsers.

The Adobe Viewer will still be available for download from their website so that you can continue to use it, and apart from that necessity, there should be no reason for you to require support from Adobe in relation to this.

All issues related to functionality provided by Cúram Social Program Management Platform which depend on SVG should continue to be raised with IBM Cúram Support, as is currently the case. Any custom code you may have written which creates any extra SVG dependencies would of course fall outside of our support agreement.

From Cúram Social Program Management Platform v6.0.3 onwards, browser support includes both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Google Chrome has native SVG support and as such will render the features in IBM Cúram which make use of the SVG technology without the need for an Adobe plugin download. It is our strategy to move away from SVG technology in the future to a more pure HTML/JavaScript implementation.

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