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Configuring arsload to process downloaded files with non-standard names

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The name of the downloaded file is not in the standard format of MVS.JOBNAME.DATASET.FORMS.YYDDD.HHMMM.ARD. How can I configure arsload to automatically load it?


The arsload command needs to extract the Application Group name from the file name.


The arsload command can be configured to automatically load files which have been downloaded by Download for z/OS ( also called PSF or MVS Download ) into Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms. It is able to do this by extracting the Application Group name from the file name, and then using the Application Group name to load the file. The arsload command expects the file name in the following standard format:


for example,


By default, arsload will extract the "FORMS" section of the name and use it as the Application Group name. So for the above file, "STD" would be the Application Group name.

However, the file name may not be in the standard format. For example, using AFP Download Plus on z/OS, the downloaded file may have a name like the following:


To configure arsload to load a file where the name is not in the standard format, use the arsload -B option. The -B option indicates to arsload the format of the filename and where to find the AG name.

For example, for the above file use


to indicate to arsload that the Application Group name is "STD".

The -B parameter can be used to indicate the location of both the Application Group name and the Application name within the file name. For more information please see the documentation for arsload in the Administrator's Guide.

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