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Knowledge Collection: Useful resources when upgrading to ClearCase 8.0.x

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Is there a collection of knowledge which provides links to a selection of resources that are available to help with your upgrade of IBM Rational ClearCase to version 8.0.0.x?


Need to find resources to help you plan your ClearCase 8.0.x upgrade.


The list below contains a collection of resources from various documentation sources as well as educational material that will help you in planning your upgrade.

If you are planning to upgrade to ClearCase 8.0, please contact IBM Rational Support providing the information in the ClearCase 8.0 upgrade information section below. Our support staff will help you prepare for your upgrade using the details you have provided about your system configurations and environment.

Resource Link Description
Upgrading Rational ClearCase

IBM Rational ClearCase 8.0 Information Center section which includes the following:
  • Client and server compatibility information
  • Pre-upgrade backup of critical resources
  • Post-upgrade migrations
Detailed system requirements for a specific product

Individual reports by operating system:

These reports provide detailed information about hardware and software requirements for a specific operating system or by component for all supported operation systems.

Available from the Software Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.
Compatibility across releases for ClearCase clients and servers Contains compatibility information to help you ensure that all components in your environment can operate together successfully.
Release notes
These documents provide valuable information specific to each of the new releases.

Technote 1504789 lists details specific to the general 8.0.0 release and also includes links to each of the individual 8.0.0.x release notes technotes.

Fix list for Rational ClearCase 8.0 Provides links to all the release download pages and includes details about the defects fixed in each of the releases.
TestFix information for ClearCase 8.x Lists testfixes there were or were not included in each of the releases.
Fix Central Provides ClearCase fixes and updates for your system's software, hardware, and operating system.
Fix Central Help and FAQs This page provides information about how to use Fix Central and helps answer some general questions.
These documents provide a list of new features that have been introduced in the individual releases.
New features in ClearCase and ClearCase MultiSite V8.0.0.3
New features in ClearCase and ClearCase MultiSite V8.0.0.2
What's new in IBM Rational ClearCase version
New features in ClearCase and ClearCase MultiSite V8.0
New Features in CM API in ClearCase 8.0
New Features in IBM Rational ClearCase version 8.0.1
ClearCase 8.0 VOB Schema 80 and Feature Level 7 migration strategies White paper that provides you with information about ClearCase 8.0 migration strategies for VOB Schema 80 and Feature Level 7.
Prerequisites for enabling ClearCase V8.0 features
Contains information about the prerequisites needed to activate the new features in ClearCase 8.0 feature level 7.
About Feature Levels and ClearCase Contains information pertaining to new features and lists some of the high level changes introduced with Feature Level 7.
ClearCase 8.0 installation Series of education modules that provide step-by-step demonstrations of upgrade scenarios including the steps to upgrade IBM WebSphere Application server if you are using the CCRC WAN server.
Rational ClearCase V8.0 CCRC WAN Server Installation Information Video that provides initial information about installing the CCRC WAN Server.
ClearCase and ClearQuest platform discontinued support and component deprecation in 2013 These documents provide advance notice about platform discontinued support for the purpose of platform migration planning.
ClearCase, ClearQuest, and RequisitePro platform desupport in 2011
ClearCase support lifecycle Lists General availability and End of Support (EOS) dates for a given version/release of ClearCase.
Rational Support Resources Lists Rational support resources to assist you with learning the products, getting help, or just getting started.

ClearCase 8.0 Upgrade information for Rational Support

Company Name __________________________________________________
Contact Name ______________________________ ICN: ________________
Telephone number ___________________________ Alternate number _________________
Email address ____________________________________


What version(s) of ClearCase is currently installed? ________________________________

What version are you upgrading to (8.0.?.?) ____________________________________

How many and what type of servers are being upgraded?

What operating systems are installed on those servers?

How many and what type of clients are being upgraded? _________________________________________________________________________________

What operating systems are installed on those clients?

What features or components (such as UCM, MultiSite,CCRC, or others) are in use?

Are other IBM products installed? If so, are they integrated with ClearCase?

Are there any additional concerns about upgrading or special considerations?

Timeline information.
What are the expected start and completion dates for upgrade testing and for the actual production environment upgrades where you have resources available to perform the upgrade? Indicate if the upgrade plans are scheduled during normal business hours or during the weekend(s).

Document information

More support for: Rational ClearCase

Software version: 8.0, 8.0.1

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Windows

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Modified date: 29 August 2013