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How to rename an outbound file by document type - Sterling Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows

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I have a file system mailbox -- my AS2 software collects the file and sends it to my partner. My partner would like the files to have the document type at the beginning of the file name. How can I rename the files to include the document type at the beginning of the file? Also, I do not want to add additional mailboxes.


On the file system mailbox ensure that the option is select to extract all files to a single file. Provide it with a standard file name, like OutFile.txt. Then using process control setup a session to send by document type and select your first document type (810 for instance). This will send all 810's to file and the file name with be OutFile.txt. Add a step after the send step to rename that file to the desired doc type name (810docs.txt), then move the file to a final folder where the documents will be collected and sent by the AS2 software. Add a step for each document type, renaming the file to the document type file name.


1. You will need a file system mailbox which will only be used by this one partner.

2. If multiple mailboxes ARE an option (they were not for the customer who requested this solution) then create an extraction mailbox for each document type. On each of the outbound partner relationships create a different interchange for each document type and on the interchange>advanced screen, select the correct extraction mailbox.

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