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ANR8213W during Tivoli Storage Manager server upgrade procedure.

Technote (troubleshooting)


The following warning message is received during a Tivoli Storage Manager server upgrade from V5 to V6 procedure when then "New System, Network Method" is used "
ANR8213W Session open with node name timed out.


The error message will be displayed with the upgrade wizard (dsmupgdx) :

ANR8213W Session open with node name timed out.[


Unable to access the target Tivoli Storage Manager system from the source system.

Resolving the problem

There can be multiple reasons for this issue. Below are some common reasons.

  1. Make sure that Tivoli Storage Manager machine does not have any invalid characters in the Hostname definition.
  2. Make sure that the following is resolved correctly to the proper IP Address value.

    ping localhost
    ping <hostname>

    If the above do not resolve correctly, please modify the 'hosts' file accordingly which is located in ?:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc.
  3. Make sure that Firewall allows communication for the Tivoli Storage Manager tcp/ip ports used or disable the Firewall on the Source/Target Tivoli Storage Manager machines.

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