Getting Error CODDb3008e on clicking ILMT web UI

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In logs error like this found which suggests password expired
<LogText><![CDATA[[LOG]:-> SQL message:
[ibm][db2][jcc][t4][2012][11248] Connection authorization failure occurred. Reason: Password expired.DSRA0010E: SQL State = null, Error Code = -99,999]]></LogText>
I also found error CODDB3008E
<Exception><![CDATA[ CODDB3008E

Resolving the problem

A) change tlmsrv

1 login to machine where ILMT server is installed
2 checked /etc/passwd if tlmsrv is there
3 login as root and change password for user "tlmsrv"

B) then we login to ILMT web UI

1. Login to LMT Integrated Console
2. Go to: Security --> Secure administration... --> Secure administration, applications,... -> J2C authentication data -> LMT_JAAS_Auth
3. Type the correct password for tlmsrv user ID. (must be the same as the OS password for tlmsrv).
4. Click on OK or Apply.
5. You still need to click on "save" option on the top screen when it prompts you. This will ensure the change saved in the eWAS security.xml file. This part is important.

C) then we login to CLI ( ILMT CLI)

# cd /opt/IBM/ILMT/cli
and hit enter
enter the new password

D) restart ILMT server

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